About the concept

Carla Schmetterling is a project that prioritizes ethical and comfort values, without sacrificing an aesthetically crafted piece.

 I work consistently with an ideals, which include:

  • Slow and conscious design.
  • Direct and customer-friendly treatment, in advance of production and throughout the procedure.
  • Customization of the pieces according to the customer's needs.
  • Use of quality materials.
  • Lack of overproduction.
  • Incorporation of old trimmings (lace / buttons / embroidery).
  • Possibility of making unique pieces, without serialization.

 All our orders take a minimum of 30 days to be processed and shipped. The customer's sizes are required to do so.

About Carla 

Carla, was born in 1993. 
She studied Arts and has a Degree on Fashion Design.
Actually, she is focused on Aesthetics Research through design.
In 2015 -  Starts focusing  in how fashion can be changed by using aesthetic capacites.
In 2017 - Shows Methamophos in the context of Alicante Fashion Week.
In 2018- Finishes her Degree in Fashion.
In 2019- Shows a dress at the Terrassa Textile Museum.
In 2020 - Receives a grant for artistic research in Konvent.
In 2020- Graduates in Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design.
In 2020- Releases ECHO

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