About the brand

Carla Schmetterling prioritizes ethical and comfort values, without sacrificing an aesthetically crafted piece.
In our brand we work consistently with our ideals, which include:

· Slow and conscious design, made in Barcelona.
· Direct and customer-friendly treatment, in advance of production and throughout the procedure.
· Customization of the pieces according to the customer's needs.
· Use of quality materials.
· Lack of overproduction.
· Incorporation of old trimmings (lace / buttons / embroidery).
· Possibility of making unique pieces, without serialization.

All our orders take a minimum of 30 days to be processed and shipped. The customer's sizes are required to do so.

About Carla Schmetterling

Carla, was born in 1993. 

She studied Arts and has a Degree on Fashion Design.

Currently she is attending to a Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design.

 In 2016 -  Starts focusing  in how fashion can be changed by using aesthetic capacites.

In 2017 - Shows Methamophos in the context of Alicante Fashion Week.

In 2018- Finishes her Degree in Fashion.


Carla Schmetterling researches how the body is conditioned by the dress. Through his research, she generates pieces of clothing as aesthetic artefacts with the intention of enabling shifts of consciousness about normal terms of the dressed body.

There is an imperceptible reality to those who look but do not know how to see, a path that everyone can visit and take to reconfigure their vision.

Change is the reason we all have born to. 

Feel free to contact me regarding anything related to my research.



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